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        Flash Furnace

        Flash Furnace



        ●Reactor: It is most important working area and also the worst working conditions area in Flash Furnace. Dried material and preheated air with high speed spray into reactor through concentrate nozzle mixing. The temperature reaches 1500 degrees Celius for desulphurization, smelting, slag making reactions and down to the setting hearth for further completion of slag making progress. The reaction of produced matte and liquid slag are setting at the hearth as molten layer. Refractories working linings suffer over heat damage, unstable oxidation-reduction chemical atmosphere damage, chemical attacks with copper slag sulphide, vigorous erosion and severe temperature changing damages. High grade refractories DMK and FMK products are recommended for reactor working linings. 

        ●Settling Hearth: They are always being damaged by matte penetrating, strong slag attack reaction damages and gas flow erosions. Medium grade DMK and FMK products are recommended.

        ●Exhaust Air Duct: Exhaust air of all types from copper smelting has rigorous erosion to refractories linings. MRL recommends DMK products.