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        Glass Regenerator

        Glass Regenerator


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        ●Regenerator Arch: Under high temperature glass material dust, fuel impurities and alkaline steam high temperature chemical attacks, arch structure experiences suffer enormous high temperature load deformation. Refractories requirement here should have good endurance to erosions and resistance to high temperature creep properties. Traditionally high-quality silica bricks are used, but silica bricks endure to alkaline steam erosion weakly, which sometimes would lead to regenerator arch rapidly damaged. MRL recommends GMB-98A, and fused AZS bricks can also be used.

        ●Top Lattice Structure: The arch of 2-4 layers are easily eroded by glass material dust, alkaline steam and crude oil vanadium oxide and SO2 gas etc. Under high temperature chemical attacks, they need to have good heat conductivity. MRL recommends GMB-97, GMB-98, GMZ-12 products. Fused AZS can also be used.

        ●Upper Lattice Structure: Glass material dust, alkaline steam and toxic gases in smoke would have serious erosion to lattice structure, requirements of endurance to high temperature and high conductivity. MRL recommends GMB-96, GMB-97 or GMB-98, products.

        ●Middle Lattice Structure: According to exhaust air decreasing temperature, the condensation of sulfides and alkaline steam here heading to complex process of erosion reaction and under function of frequent change of temperature, hazardous substances frequent evaporating and condensing would result in volume changes leading to refractories loosening. Therefore, refractories are seriously damaged, becoming one weakest sector of lattice structure. MRL recommends GMK and GMZ products.

        ●Bottom Lattice Structure: The temperature here is lower than 800℃, under higher load and temperature fluctuations, sometimes with sulfuric salt erosion. The low porosity clay brick or high alumina bricks would satisfy requirement here. MRL recommends GMK or GMS products.

        ● Regenerator Walls: Their application conditions should be coordinated with lattice structure. From top to bottom of the walls, MRL recommends GMZ, GMB, GMK and GDN products.